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Audiology of Greenville, New Bern and Wilmington offers comprehensive hearing and hearing instruments evaluations. We offer assistive listening devices for special situations, hearing protection and the latest digital technology in hearing instruments. Complimentary demonstrations of digital hearing instrument technology is available. 

Key Benefits
Minimum Two year warranty on premium hearing instruments
• 30 day evaluation period on all new hearing instrument purchases
• Guidance, Counseling and Personal, Caring attention

We are the area's only provider of Complete Hearing Health Care@, and financing provided by Care Credit.
• Check-ups and instrument maintenance for two years of the hearing instruments
• Free batteries provided for one year
• Free quarterly cleanings, adjustments and hearing evaluations for two years

About Hearing and Hearing Loss
Your sense of hearing is a vital link to your world -source of pleasure, and information and communication. If you have a hearing loss you can control the situation. Hearing loss should not get in the way of enjoying your life. 

Our goal is to provide you with the best hearing technology available so that you can rediscover your hearing and reconnect with the important things around you. Quality hearing care begins with a thorough hearing evaluation.

Do I Really Have a Hearing Problem?
Hearing changes often do not result in an overall loss of volume. Some sounds remain as audible as they always were yet others become harder to hear. You might notice that words just don't sound clear.

Why is clarity affected? Many people with hearing loss find it especially difficult to hear certain sounds because their hearing loss affects a certain range of pitches. In typical hearing loss, softer, higher pitch sounds become harder to hear, particularly from a distance.

Speech has many quiet, rapidly changing high pitched sounds. A lot of guesswork may be needed to understand the actual word if some of the speech sounds are not heard clearly. An example is the word "fit" which can easily be confused with "sit", "tick" or "sick". Conversations become more challenging when someone is speaking indirectly, or when there is background noise.

Awareness is the First Step
To make a quick assessment of your own hearing, try answering these simple questions.

1. You can hear, but you can’t understand things such as women’s and children’s voices, bird songs, the first letter of words such as dime, time, bake, and cake. Yes No
2. You have difficulty in understanding what is being said, unless you are directly facing the speaker. Yes No
3. You find yourself complaining that people are mumbling or slurring their words. Yes No
4. You are continually asking people to repeat words or phrases, though they feel they are speaking loud enough. Yes No
5. You prefer the TV or radio louder than others do. Yes No
6. You have difficulty understanding conversations with a group of people. Yes No
7. You avoid group meetings, social occasions, public facilities, or family gatherings where listening may be difficult. Yes No
8. You have trouble hearing at the movies, house of worship, concert halls, or at other public gatherings—especially where sound sources are at a distance from the listener. Yes No
9. You have ringing in the ears or other head noises (hissing, buzzing, crickets, etc.). Yes No

If you answered "yes" to at least two of these questions, you may have a hearing loss and should have your hearing tested.

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