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Hearing loss can be the direct result of an occupation, a recreational activity, or exposure to loud sounds. Audiology of New Bern can provide you with specialty custom molds to protect your hearing. 

Gunfire, industrial noises, woodworking, motorcycles, loud music, motorized lawn equipment, noisy hobbies and other noises louder than 90 db, are harmful to your hearing. Sounds louder than 90 db, over a period of time, can permanently damage your hearing and impair your ability to communicate. Because hearing loss is a gradual process, in most cases, you might not realize you are losing your hearing until it is too late. And if you have already damaged your hearing, continuing to avoid proper hearing protection will only worsen the condition.

Musicians' hearing test – If you frequently work or play music in a high-decibel environment, you're at risk for a number of problems: ear and vocal fatigue, hearing loss, tinnitus (noise in ears), hyper-sensitivity to sound, shifts in pitch perception and sound distortion. Music-induced ear and hearing problems are preventable. With the appropriate products and services, you can protect your ears and maintain a natural sounding, enjoyable, and comfortable listening environment. In fact, many products, when used with proper guidance, not only prevent problems but actually enhance your music experience.

High fidelity, flat response earplugs are now available with either 9, 15 or 25dB sound reduction. They are designed to replicate the ear's natural response; resulting in clear, un-muffled, accurate sound. Custom fit and made with a clear, soft silicone material, the plugs are comfortable and discreet.

Hunters' Ear Molds – Hunters' earplug are custom made using impressions from your own ear. They can be worn continuously for hours without discomfort, and are fully washable to give years of use. The valve allows you to hear normal speech, but as the weapon firing noise is detected, it instantly activates the sonic valve, reducing the sound level of the gunfire, and thereby protecting your hearing.

Recreational Shooters - As many as 50 percent of all recreational shooters may suffer some degree of hearing loss. It is generally thought that loud noises in excess of 90 decibels are harmful to hearing over prolonged exposure. Most gunfire exceeds 130 decibels and requires reliable, quality hearing protection. Using ear protection can prevent needless and permanent damage to hearing. 

Electronic earplugs enhance the sounds around you. For example, you can hear game movement but also reduce impulse sounds such as gunfire, down to a safe level. This helps prevent damage to your hearing. Electronic earplugs are available in custom molds as well as standard, less expensive alternatives. 

Law Enforcement - If you are involved in law enforcement you undoubtedly know how important your sense of hearing is to being effective on the job. You may also have experienced a situation where firing your weapon has temporarily reduced your ability to hear. And if it hasn't already happened, there may be a future situation where your partner or a member of your team will be forced to fire their weapon in close proximity or in a confined area. The potential damage to your hearing could be severe and could result in irreversible hearing loss. 

Swim molds – Swimmers of all ages and abilities can experience sensitivity to water in the ear. Custom-made waterproof swim plugs are a safe, effective way to protect your ears and prevent discomfort while continuing the activities you enjoy.

Custom earmolds for swimming create a waterproof barrier which prohibits water from entering into your ear canal. These custom earmolds help eliminate the potential for irritation or infection due to pool water or lake water.

Industrial Hearing Protection – Loud, constant sounds all day long at work can cause long term hearing problems. Loud, sudden noises (gunfire, industrial noises, woodworking, motorcycles, loud music, motorized lawn equipment, noisy hobbies and other noises louder than 90 db) are more damaging to hearing than regular and extended exposure to loud sounds over a period of time. When properly fitted, earplugs can significantly reduce loud noises and prevent hearing damage and loss. Hearing protectors not properly fitted to the wearer's ears do not effectively prevent damaging noises from penetrating the ear canal.

Specialty Molds – Audiology of New Bern offers hearing evaluations and custom molds to fit your lifestyle and enhance your work environment. From specialized stethoscopes to race car driving to military, Audiology of New Bern can improve your quality of life by protecting your hearing. Here are just a few of the career fields and life circumstances that can benefit from hearing protection products:

Industrial noise protection
Law enforcement and military
Emergency dispatch and fire/EMS/First Responders
Professional Sports, racing 
Swimming, bathing, showering, scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing 
Motorsports, snowmobiling 
Loud music 
Wireless communications, Cell-phones 
Sleeping, mediation and snoring


Modern technology has developed a wide variety of hearing protect devises. Audiology of New Bern can help you find the product that is right for you.

Electronic Earplugs
Electronic earplugs are designed to enhance the sounds around you like speech and game movements, but contain sharper impulse sounds down to a designated safe level such as gunfire and flash bangs. Used within the shooting sports and law enforcement divisions, these devices are excellent in protection and enhancement qualities.

Non-Electronic Earplugs
Non-electronic earplugs are designed for protection against water and noise. They can be used in a number of industrial and recreational applications such as shooting, swimming, motorcycling, sleeping, industrial work, etc. They offer the best in comfort and durability and have become well recognized throughout the world.

Filtered Earplugs
Filtered earplugs are beneficial when individuals want to have the ability to hear their outside sounds, but still maintain a safe level of protection. They can be used in several industrial as well as recreational activities to "take-the-edge-off" harmful noise levels.

Introducing the latest advance in communication and optimum hearing protection for high noise environments. 

The Sensear SP1 and SP1x (Bluetooth®) earplugs have been designed for comfort, quality and endurance in the field, enabling clear communication above 85dB(A) without the need to remove hearing protection.

Foam Earplugs
Foam earplugs are designed for temporary protection against noise. The can be used in a number of industrial and recreational applications such as shooting, swimming, motorcycling, sleeping, industrial work, etc.

Temporary/Reusable Earplugs 
Temporary/reusable protection is an inexpensive method in solving your hearing protection issues. We market several options from moldable soft silicone earplugs to your standard foam and reusable tip set ups. Bulk ordering is all possible by contacting us directly.

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